Mediabrands UK Achieves IAB Gold Standard

April 12, 2021 | Share this article

Mediabrands UK is proud to have achieved certification on the IAB Gold Standard 2.0. The IAB Gold Standard is an initiative which aims to improve the digital advertising experience, helps compliance with the GDPR and ePrivacy law, tackles ad-fraud and upholds brand safety. Gold Standard 2.0 is an enhancement on the previous version which now incorporates steps to address privacy concerns within the digital supply chain – demonstrating the collective commitment across the industry to tackle privacy concerns head on.

We encourage all of our partners to get involved and certify in this programme, so that we can help ensure the sustainability of the digital ecosystem. As Mediabrands strives forward with the Media Principles set out in 2020, the IAB Gold Standard is a great example of an industry initiative that is improving transparency, accountability, and data responsibility.

Harrison Boys, Director, Standards & Investment Product, EMEA, MAGNA says “Mediabrands is continuing to increase our efforts to increase not only our standards, but pushing for higher standards within the industry through our Media Responsibility work. The IAB Gold Standard is a great example of an industry initiative that is pushing us toward a sustainable and responsible digital advertising ecosystem”.

Nickesh Patel, Ad Tech & Standards Manager, IAB UK says “We’re delighted to have Mediabrands on board with Gold Standard 2.0 – many congratulations to the team. The Gold Standard sets out to tackle ad fraud, uphold best practice, improve brand safety and help compliance with ePrivacy law. By demonstrating its commitment to upholding these principles, IPG Mediabrands is helping to create a more responsible digital ad ecosystem that prioritises the user experience.”