Matterkind And Magna Launch Matterkind News Marketplace, The Advanced Contextual Solution For News Publisher Advertising

April 28, 2021 | Share this article

Matterkind and MAGNA have today launched Matterkind News Marketplace. As part of Matterkind’s Curated Marketplaces suite, this advanced contextual solution will enable clients to activate news campaigns in the news publishing space that are consistently brand safe, using accurate technologies to independently verify credible publications.

Matterkind News Marketplace has been formed from the recognition that news publishers have seen their advertising revenues plummet, often being penalised by heavy-handed, and sometimes inaccurate, brand safety solutions and placements on premium and trusted news sites that are valued as the same as those on low-grade sites. As advertisers continue to move to an ever more complex buying approach, with direct partnerships and spend drops in favour of price-efficient and performance-minded open marketplace activations, Matterkind News Marketplace is an innovative solution that supports trusted publisher partners in the UK.

Using AI-powered Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies integrated with the publisher, in combination with setting journalistic standards, Matterkind News Marketplace ensures brand safety and publisher credibility at scale, whilst also buying the most trending news articles and keeping pace with the news cycle. Matterkind News Marketplace aims to shorten the supply chain, minimise technology interference and allows for disabling of ad-blocking technology with confidence. Multi-publisher marketplaces are something that Matterkind has developed to find the middle ground between the one-to-one relationship of private marketplaces, and the scale and performance aspects of open marketplaces.

As part of the evolution and testing of this brand new set-up, Matterkind and MAGNA UK teamed up with publishers and technology partners, News UK and IAS’s Admantix, as well as Reach and Mantis, the bespoke in-house solution powered by IBM Watson. Additionally, Matterkind and MAGNA worked with NewsGuard, as part of a wider partnership already in place, to verify the credibility of the news sites, and to set strict journalistic criteria for publisher titles.

The combination of these efforts established the way news media needed to be bought, and led MAGNA and Matterkind to the formation of this solution, which will initially be released with inventory from Reach, NewsUK, the Telegraph, Ozone, and The Guardian, with more partners to be added in due course.

For more information on Matterkind News Marketplace, please contact us on [email protected]

Matterkind News Marketplace is part of a larger effort by Mediabrands to balance brand safety and brand responsibility in advertising. Last year, the group launched the IPG Mediabrands Media Responsibility Principles, a call to action for companies to hold themselves to higher standards more broadly when it relates to brand safety and brand responsibility matters, not just in media. As part of this larger effort and the MRP’s, Mediabrands has formed a number of initiatives including the Media Responsibility Index, a quantitative report that strives to raise industry standards around brand safety and media responsibility in social media advertising, and the Mediabrands Partner Survey, an assessment of partners that Mediabrands works closely with, marked against their adherence to the MRPs, as well as the transparent and ethical approach to advertising that the partner demonstrated.